Lush Party Studio Props Turns FIVE! ✨

It's been FIVE years already since I started a "tiny" side business in my basement room surrounded by glitter paper scraps, glue and sticks.

So many ups, so many downs and I wouldn't have it any other way...

  • Late night/early morning cut and glue sessions
  • Adding a handful of products to Etsy 
  • Making my first sale!
  • Realizing how awful Etsy was for creators
  • Designing my first website
  • Getting 100 followers on Insta
  • Landing a huge order from Australia all of of the sudden 😳
  • Attending the first Photobooth Expo to meet people in 2018
  • Developing carpal tunnel syndrome from making so many props by hand 
  • Having to decide to quit or move on to doing printed designs
  • Sifting through scores of manufacturers to find just the right one that met my quality standards
  • Getting the first set of plastic props just in time for my birthday!
  • Redesigning my logo
  • Changing to Shopify
  • Exhibiting at PBX for the first time in 2019 with a handful of props with my mom
  • Getting my designs copied
  • Realizing that they can't copy ME because they are not me (and feeling better) Surviving the mess of the pandemic on 2020
  • Redesigning the website again
  • Investing on Marketing
  • Bouncing back in 2021 with the best sales in a year ever
  • Getting over 4500 followers
  • Having over 60 sets of prop designs
  • Exhibiting for the 3rd time at PBX2022 in a couple of weeks 🤯

I can't wait to see what's next... To be continued .

Thank you to my parents Alicia & Lorenzo for encouraging me and helping me at the expo, to my wonderful friends for putting up with me by having them hold props for pictures at parties 😆 to Bastien aka Mr Lush for delivering and packaging countless boxes and for being my biggest cheerleader... and last but not least to my customers that gave me and my props a shot and continue being supportive of my business, I couldn't have done it without you all.


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Delicious and wonderful cupcakes and cookies made by the talented Carolanne Lacroix from Ma Pâtisserie in Quebec City. 



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