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Will it have his eyes or your nose? Maybe your eyelashes and his sense of humor? Who knows!! Here's hoping your best genes get passed on.

Set of seven (7) Baby boy or Girl - Double sided props, so 14 designs total!
Sizes vary according to shape (minimum width 8 inches)

  • Oh boy oh boy! / Bibs & Bottles & Diapers & Toys
  • Boy or girl? / What will it be?
  • One hot mamma / Hello baby girl
  • Team girl / daddy to be
  • Don't eat watermelon seeds / Best dad bod
  • Team boy / mamma to be
  • Drink up / Drink Up

5mm thick PVC plastic, UV printed. 

The glitter details are simulated in the artwork. No actual glitter will be used in the making of this product.