THE 2020 IS (finally) OVER SET

THE 2020 IS (finally) OVER SET

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Well, we are finally here... 2020 is coming to an end! (finally)
What a better way to celebrate than with these SANITIZABLE props ;) while rocking the glam party masks?!

Set of four (4) 2020 is (finally) Over Props - Double sided props, so 8 designs total!

  • HO HO HO holy sh*t what a year / This year better be good
  • Hello 2021, it's been so long / Boo, 2020
  • Buh bye, 2020 / Well, that sucked
  • Thank goodness it's a new year / Yay, it's over!

5mm thick PVC plastic, UV printed. 

The glitter details are simulated in the artwork. No actual glitter will be used in the making of this product.