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Look, we get it... What could possibly be funny about a global pandemic that has altered the core of our existence and basic human interaction? 

Well, in times of crisis, when we are scared and have no idea what is going on, we’ve turned to comedy. Comedy is our coping mechanism, it distracts us from the bad stuff going on in the world and it lets us get our feelings off our chests.

We created these props with the good intention of making you laugh for a little while and to help you find the silver lining during this time.  #inthistogethe
Thank you for your support. 

Set of seven (7) Quarantine Props - Double sided props, so 14 designs total!

  • Social distancing expert / Keep calm and wash your friggin' hands
  • Quarantine & Chill / Quarantine Queen
  • Thank you essential workers / Didn't cut my own hair
  • I waited so long for this party / Alexa didn't homeschool my kids
  • Don't stand so close to me / Caution, stay over there 6ft.
  • Not essential / Didn't hoard toilet paper
  • Not to brag but I was avoiding people before it was trendy / Virus, bye

5mm thick PVC plastic, UV printed. 
Sizes vary according to shape (minimum size of 8.5 inches)