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The CLASS REUNION SET is here! Get the double-sided school reunion props and take a nostalgia trip down memory lane. Look good, find your old crush, and even make a few jokes along the way. Hard PVC plastic makes them durable, and waterproof, and UV ink ensures long-lasting fun! Sizes vary according to shape (8.5 - 10 inches)

Set of seven (7) School Reunion props - Double-sided pieces,  14 designs total!

  • Still looking good / My old crush
  • Look who I found / I don't recognize anyone
  • Just like old times / I used to be cool
  • Was the teacher's pet / Some things never change
  • I didn't even go here! / High School sweethearts
  • There's no school like old school / Just here for the gossip
  • Class reunion / Catch up & celebrate!

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