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Ay Ay Ay! It’s fiesta time! Where else would you rather be? That’s right, nowhere else! Let's fiesta like there's no mañana! 

Set of seven (7) Fiesta Props - Double sided props, so 14 designs total!
Sizes vary according to shape (minimum width 8 inches)

  • Say queso / You had me at tacos
  • You're the Juan for me / Mas tequila por favor
  • Shake your maracas / Fiesta. Tequila. Siesta. Repeat.
  • I'm feeling loco / Let's taco 'bout it
  • Te: amo Te: quila / Holy guacamole!
  • Let's fiesta / Fiesta like there's no mañana 
  • You're the salsa to my tacos / Guac this way

- All our photo booth props are made from super durable, hard 5mm thick PVC plastic that won’t bend or break from regular use.

- The edges are rounded so your guest won’t get poked with a sharp corner.

- Totally waterproof so it won’t matter if someone spills a drink on it while having fun, plus you can clean and sanitize them with ease.

- All props are printed with vibrant UV ink that won’t fade from regular use or standard cleaning.

- Sizes vary according to shape (8.5 - 10 inches)

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