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Get your party started with THE HEALTHCARE SET!
These double-sided props are made with 5mm thick PVC plastic that's waterproof (perfect for wild nights at the ICU) and will last a long time. Don't forget your scrubs!

Set of SEVEN (7) HEALTHCARE props - Double-sided pieces, 14 designs total!

  • Trust me, I'm a doctor / Healthcare is a work of heart
  • Safety first, party with a nurse / I can't, I'm in nursing school
  • Born to Save Lives / Healthcare Squad
  • Prescription to celebrate / Healthcare is in my blood
  • Charting is my cardio / Don't worry, I've done this on a mannequin
  • This Superhero wears scrubs / Scrub Life
  • Keep calm, I'm a nurse / Nurses call the shots

- Sizes vary according to shape (8.5 - 10 inches)

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